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Community Engagement Resources: Sullivan County

Resources in Sullivan County

Older Adults

Health and Wellness

Sullivan County Department of Health

The mission of the local County Health Department - Sullivan County Public Health, is to prevent illness and disease, and to protect and promote public health.


Many of our services focus on HIV/AIDS. Also a range of programs to address other health issues: SNAP access and education, drug prevention programs,a syringe exchange program, food pantries and housing support, for all our clients regardless of HIV status.


Farmers' Markets

Substance Abuse

Health Hub from Hudson Valley Community Services (hvcs)

The Health Hub Program helps people who use drugs from Dutchess,  Orange and Sullivan counties reduce opioid use, prevent overdose and improve their general health and well being by providing low threshold access to buprenorphine. We connect clients to medical providers who can also offer crisis visits and relapse prevention. We also offer referrals to other services such as HIV, HCV and STD testing, case management, medical, mental health, substance use treatment and other support services.

In Orange or Sullivan Counties, call or text: (845) 522-5767

280 Broadway, 4th Floor, Newburgh NY 12550

20 Crystal Street, Monticello NY 12701

Syringe Exchange Program via hvcs

HVCS’ Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) uses harm reduction methods to work with people who inject drugs to reduce their risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases. We are non-judgmental and provide a safe, discreet way to meet and offer our services.  The SEP program is FREE and always anonymous. We use a mobile unit (a truck) on a regular schedule to blend into specific neighborhoods but remain accessible.

People with Disabilities

Independent Living Inc.

Consumer-Directed Home Care lets you decide who provides your care. You recruit, hire, train and manage your own care staff, customizing your care to your needs.

Workforce Development

Sullivan County Career Center

We will help you with positions for success by making your plan, acquiring skills and creating your career pathway.