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RCLS Advocacy Committee: Legislative Session

LAD 2024

Senate Support Letter 2024

Budget Information

As stated by the New York Library Association:

The Executive Budget was released by Governor Kathy Hochul on January 16, 2024. It includes:

  • Library Aid $102.1M
    • +$3.5M increase from FY2023 Enacted Budget
  • Library Construction $34M
    • Flat to FY2024 Enacted Budget
  • Library Materials Aid: $6.25/pupil
    • Flat to FY2024 Enacted Budget
  • NOVELny: $3M
    • New allocation for FY2025

Budgetary Asks are as follows:

Library Operating Aid: $147.1 million

Since its inception in 1991, Library Operating Aid has been underfunded by a cumulative $207.035 million relative to what is statutory under state law, with $157.035 million dollars coming in just the last fifteen years.

Library Construction Aid: $69.4 million The New York State Division of Library Development estimates a current statewide need of $1.75 billion for library construction. Current funding at $34 million is wholly inadequate if we are to ensure that our libraries are physically sound and accessible for all patrons.

Library Materials Aid: $11.00/pupil Since 1994, the per pupil rate for library materials has only increased $4.25 and has remained flat at $6.25 since 2007. In 2022, the average cost of a hardcover children’s book purchased by a school library was $21.31.

NOVELny Program: $3 million NYLA supports a $3 million allocation for the continuation of the NOVELny program beyond its scheduled funding-related termination on June 30, 2024. Doing so would ensure equity of access to essential database resources for all New Yorkers, from students in K-12 classrooms to life-long learners in the public setting

NYS Budget Information

Spectrum News has been providing updates regarding the FY25 budget. To learn more about the process regarding negotiations, watch this short video.