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RCLS Advocacy Committee: Home

Initial Communication to allRCLS

In an effort to increase knowledge, input, and information surrounding Advocacy efforts, RCLS invites you to join the newly formed RCLS Advocacy Committee. The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to identify a designated group of passionate individuals within the RCLS member libraries who wish to participate and further engage with advocacy activities. Working alongside NYLA's Advocacy efforts, this group will meet monthly to discuss ideas and implement initiatives to advocate for libraries within regional, state-level, and national legislative agendas as well as support local library advocacy efforts. 


As the first order of business, this committee will determine a charge as well as goals and objectives for the 2021 year. The committee will have a format with the following positions:



Vice Chair


Ex-officio: RCLS representative 


Incumbents in these positions will fulfill roles and responsibilities to be determined by the committee. Appointments will be made to these positions through a democratic voting process.  

Community Agreements


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Jennifer Park
619 Route 17M
Middletown, NY 10940
845-243-3747 x286