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Enjoy the Season - Virtually Visit Gardens: New York

Visit famous botanical and landscape gardens around the world

Right here in New York


Our area is fortunate to have spectacular gardens that you can visit virtually.

You can visit the New York Botanical Garden.  Their website has several virtual walks through different parts of the garden that change as plantings come into bloom. In June be sure to check and visit the rose garden.

You may have missed the spectacular cherry blossom walkways at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden but you can see them on their website and there is more to see as the season progresses.  Take a look at:

And don’t forget Central Park. This link literally takes you on a walk through the highlights of the park. It was filmed in Summer and Summer will be here very soon:  https://www.youvisit.comtour/centralpark

You can also broaden your horizons and go further by traveling virtually to see gardens around the world.  Europeans love gardens and each country has their own unique style. Here are just a few interesting ones, but there are even more if you search further.