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Enjoy the Season - Virtually Visit Gardens: Home

Visit famous botanical and landscape gardens around the world

Enjoy the Seasons - Virtually Visit Gardens


Enjoy the Seasons - Virtually Visit Gardens

It is now June and we continue to be at home. However, things have improved and we are starting to venture out and once again enjoy the world around us. We still must continue doing our part to maintain social distancing in order to keep ourselves and others safe from the ongoing, serious threats from COVID-19. 

With the world is warming up outside, the spring flowers have bloomed and Summer will "officially" start soon and with Summer comes the next season of colorful flowers. The trees have lost their Spring blossoms and are now in full-leaf filtering the sunlight. The birds are singing to welcome each day and with less traffic we can all easily hear them this year.

Even though you have grown accustomed to your armchair and you may not want to wander too far, there are virtual ways to enjoy the season.  There are wonderful gardens - both nearby and around the world to enjoy