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RCLS Census Guide: Images

All things Census related concerning RCLS member libraries.


Use these materials from the Census for your campaigns. All materials may be found here.


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Theme: What matters to meTheme: My community countsTheme: I challenge you

2020 Census Web BadgesAwareness Poster - Confidentiality (Option 1)Awareness Poster - LGBTQ+2020 Census Snapshot for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Press Kit

2020 Census Integrated Communications Campaign Press Kit

Diverse Mass (Created by VMLY&R)

American Indian and Alaska Native (Created by G&G)

Arabic (Created by Hogarth)

Black/African American (Created by Carol H. Williams Advertising)

Chinese Mandarin (Created by TDW + Co)

Chinese Cantonese (Created by TDW + Co)

Filipino (Created by TDW + Co)

Japanese (Created by TDW + Co)

Korean (Created by TDW + Co)

Vietnamese (Created by TDW + Co)

Polish (Created by Hogarth)

Puerto Rico (Created by VMLY&R San Juan)

Russian (Created by Hogarth)



The following is an example of television advertisements created to educate the public about the 2020 Census and will be broadcast during the Motivation Phase (March 15 – May 12, 2020) of the communications campaign. Other examples will be released during the Motivation Phase.


Diverse Mass (Created by VMLY&R)