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RCLS Census Guide: Census Competition

All things Census related concerning RCLS member libraries.

Who Will Win?

Census Competition Update:

When we originally planned this competition, the census count was going to be completed by June. Now the census deadline has been extended until October 31. As a result, we must update our competition rules.

Weekly winners will continue to be announced. Only libraries that are weekly winners through the end of July will receive swag. The overall winner will still be selected after the census count is completed on October 31.


The contest rules:

  • Each library will select one town, city or census tract in their service area to track that best represents the community.  After the start date of the competition (April 17) libraries will not be able to switch their selected town.
  • For the purposes of this competition, libraries will only track the response rate of the town, city, or census tract they selected.
  • A Google Sheet has been created for libraries to update on a weekly basis with their current Census completion rate.
  • Each library must assign one person to update the spreadsheet. This person's information (name and email address) should be provided to Joanna Goldfarb and Jen Park by April 15. The person may be a library staff member or volunteer.
  • The spreadsheet should be updated every Friday after 3p. This LibGuide will also be updated with the response rate information and weekly winners on the following Monday.
  • If a library does not update the spreadsheet on a Friday, they are not eligible to be a winning library for the week.
  • Weekly winners will be determined by difference in percentage from one week to the next. The prize will be a SURPRIZE!
  • Overall winner will be determined by difference in percentage between the first week of tracking and the last week of tracking.
The overall winning library will receive a pizza party once the libraries reopen!

Use this Google Sheet to update your library's self response page every Friday after 3:00. The first tab of the spreadsheet has an example of how to input information, and describes how the weekly and overall winners will be calculated. Weekly prizes are a SURPRIZE!

Libraries have been separated by county to make finding your library easier. However, this is an RCLS wide competition! 

Contact Jen Park or Joanna Goldfarb if you have questions or need assistance. 

Click here to access the Google Sheet.

Keep your eye on the prize

Leader Board

Check back to see which library is the weekly winner, and who is in the lead overall!

Weekly Winners:

Week 1: Orangeburg Library

Week 2: Sloatsbugh Public Library

Week 3: Nyack Library 

Week 4: Nyack Library

Week 5: Pine Bush Public Library

Week 6: Sunshine Hall Free Library

Week 7: Pine Bush Public

Week 8: Valley Cottage Library

Week 9: Sunshine Hall Free Library

Week 10: TIE- Sloatsburg Public Library and Valley Cottage Library

Week 11: Sunshine Hall Free Library

Week 12: Sunshine Hall Free Library

Complete the Census