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RCLS: About the Ramapo Catskill Library System: Mission & Goals

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RCLS Mission and Goals


We deliver high-quality, cost-effective consolidated, and cooperative services to support member libraries in meeting the needs of their communities.


  1. Coordinated Services

Offer a clearly defined set of cost-effective consolidated and coordinated services designed to enhance local library achievement and maximize the value of local funds expended.

  1. Technology
    Assist member libraries in implementing emerging technologies to improve library service and enhance and maintain a cybersecurity environment where everyone is responsible.

  1. Resource Sharing

Coordinate Central Library and System activities to provide a broad range of services and online resources to support equity of access for all residents.

  1. Training
    Provide opportunities to member libraries' staff, directors, and trustees for the training and skills development needed to support excellent library service.

  1. Advocacy

Actively work to increase awareness about the value and importance of library services and help strengthen member libraries in their advocacy efforts.

  1. Communication
    Maintain and promote effective means of communication with and among member libraries and RCLS.

  1. Marketing

Empower library advocates to become brand ambassadors and increase mindfulness of library services value to community members.