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Youth Services: Special Events

Ramapo Catskill Library System Youth Services provides support to young adult and children’s librarians throughout all of Orange, Rockland, Sullivan and southern Ulster counties. By offering services and advocacy through a combined system wide effort, RC

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Juvenile Book Preview

This year's book preview is HYBRID!

 The preview starts May 23, 2022, and will continue through June 24, 2022.

I'm sure you have all been waiting with baited breath to see if RCLS will be having a book preview. This year we are having a hybrid preview! Click here to view the list of books in our preview session

For a VIRTUAL experience: 

You can print out the list, highlight the books you want and send it to Eileen Acosta at RCLS. Or you can fax your list - you will have to circle your selections because highlighting won't show on a fax - to Eileen at 845-343-3739.

You can request as many books as you like. After the preview, the books are divvied up among those who request them. 

For an IN-PERSON experience:

Contact Eileen Acosta at 845-243-3747 ex. 221 to make an appointment to visit RCLS and view the books. Only 2 people can fit in the book preview at a time, so make an appointment ASAP to book your desired time slot. 

The in-person book preview also includes:

  • A table with free items
  • Chocolate
  • Friendly faces of RCLS staff
  • AND an entry for a prize basket (What's in the basket? Come to RCLS and see!)


There are almost 900 books to choose from:

BD - 69
FIC - 149
JP - 320
NONF - 153
SFIC - 83
YA - 86
YANON - 18

If you want to see reviews for a book you can check the Barnes & Noble website: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/  which has reviews from a number of publications, or Kirkus https://www.kirkusreviews.com/, or any of the other publications that you may frequent.


For more information contact Joanna Goldfarb at RCLS
(845.243.3747, ext. 240 or jgoldfarb@rcls.org)
To participate, you must register by contacting Eileen Acosta at RCLS
(845.243.3747 ext. 221 or eacosta@rcls.org)