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Youth Services: Summer Reading Program 2022

Ramapo Catskill Library System Youth Services provides support to young adult and children’s librarians throughout all of Orange, Rockland, Sullivan and southern Ulster counties. By offering services and advocacy through a combined system wide effort, RC

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Book Lists

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped put together this year's summer reading book lists!

The teen and tween lists are available as templates in LibraryAware. If you'd like to print them with your library's branding or swap out titles, you may access the template by searching SRP Teen or SRP Tween in LibraryAware. 

Teen list: https://libraryaware.com/2JRM07

Tween list: https://libraryaware.com/2JRMD8


CSLP Summer Symposium

Recordings from the 2021 CSLP Summer Symposium are now available. Click here to access the CSLP website and recording information.

If you would like to access the online summer reading manual, contact Joanna Goldfarb at RCLS for the code. You can also access the manual using the flash drive sent to each library's Youth Services department through delivery.

Summer Reading Resources

Oceans of Programming Possibilities: Children's Summer Reading Workshop

Use these links to easily navigate to different workshop presentations:

Bluey Party: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=270

STEM in Picture Books: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=911

Wordwall: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=1348

Jellyfish In A Bottle: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=1688

Incorporating STEM: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=2137

Messy Meetups: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=2733

Drive-In Storytime: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=3299

Plants and Animals Go Home: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=3735

Fairy Gardens: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=4185

Faux Fish Tank: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=4603

Wacky Wednesday Wet & Wild: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=4889

Scavenger Hunts: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=5490

Ocean Bingo: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=5908

Brown Bag Storytellers: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=6400

We Solved the Summer Reading Program: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=7087

Virtual Graphic Novel Author Visits: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=7446

Rivers and Lakes and Sailing Ship: https://youtu.be/Qq8QbhXC2xg?t=8001

Oceans of Programming Possibilities: Teen Summer Reading Workshop

The Recycling Challenge: Saving Our Oceans One Bottle at a Time: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=195

BioBlitz: Photograph & ID wildlife using the INaturalist app: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=852

TRAVol Team: Tween Reads & Volunteer: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=1536

Virtual Teen Volunteers: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=2171

Starting a Book Box “Subscription” Program: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=2715

Scavenger Hunt Kick off: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=3566

Lobster Tails Cooking Club: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=4139

Ocean Themed Take and Makes: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=4701

Pride Picnic (Focus on Teen Activities): https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=5546

Mindfulness Matters: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=6074

Summer Learning Packets for Teens: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=6907

Starting a Teen GSA: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=7482

Alternate Reality Games: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=8179

Read it Forward: https://youtu.be/iraQ9tI41jU?t=8852


More Program Ideas

The following program ideas have been shared in the CLOUSC, Youthlist, and Teen Librarians Listservs.