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Selected historical and physical maps of the area. More maps are part of the Warwick Heritage Digital Collection

About the Sanborn Maps

The Sanborn Insurance Company created detailed maps of certain sections of the Village of Warwick between 1885 and 1923, updating every few years.  Their primary goal was to assess insurance risk, so they only cover selected sections.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps via the Library of Congress

  These maps were digitized by the Library of Congress, and may be viewed or downloaded at various resolutions.

Note: There is an additional volume for the Village which shows hand-pasted and drawn changes through about 1940 (such as the removal of the Warwick Knife Factory), but it is difficult to determine which date these changes occurred, without checking other sources such as the scanned newspapers.

Note: The 1915 map set is the only one digitized by the Library of Congress