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RCLS Road Trip 2023: FAQ

Between June 26th and September 8th, RLCS libraries throughout Sullivan, Rockland, Orange, and southern are inviting people of all ages to participate in the RCLS Road Trip Program.


If your question is not addressed in this FAQ, please reach out to your local public library to receive the answer to your question.

Q: When does the RCLS Road Trip take place?
A: The RCLS Road Trip takes place June 26 through September 8th. 

Q: When do I receive my first prize?
A: Your first prize will be awarded at your first library.

Q: How many prizes can I earn?
A: You can earn up to 6 prizes by visiting libraries. Click here to see a list of prizes.

Q: What if I lose my map?
A: You can request a new map at any library--the staff will even mark off all the libraries you have already visited.

Q: Can I use my library card at other libraries?
A: Yes! If you have a library card from an RCLS member library, you can use that library card at any library on the Road Trip! Bonus: If you borrow a book from one library, you can return it at another library.

Q: I don't have a library card. Where can I get one?
A: You can sign up for a library card at the library in the town in which you reside. If you are unsure of your home library, you can call RCLS to help direct you, or staff at a member library can help determine where to go. After figuring out your home library, it is recommended you call the library to learn what types of documents you may need to sign up for a library card.

Q: Are all 47 RCLS libraries participating?
A: No, 45 out of 47 libraries are participating:
New City Library is currently under construction and will soon move into their newly renovated space. They look forward to welcoming patrons in the fall. For up-do-date information visit:
 New City Library is listed as a free space on Road Trip maps. 
Tappan Library is unable to participate. Patrons may visit the library, borrow books and utilize resources, but library staff will not mark maps or give prizes.