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RCLS Board of Trustees: Trustee Nominations

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What is required of an RCLS Trustee?

What is required of a Trustee?

A full term on the RCLS Board is five (5) years.  A Trustee may serve any number of terms, as long as not more than two (2) are consecutive.

The RCLS Board generally meets at System Headquarters in Middletown at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.  A board retreat or library visits may be held in place of or in conjunction with the July meeting.  Individual committees may schedule meetings at alternate intervals or immediately before a Board meeting.  Attendance at meetings is a prerequisite for continued service as a trustee.

The RCLS Board is entrusted with the governance of the System.  It adopts Bylaws and a Plan of Service, and amends them as necessary, establishes such policies as will insure the achievement of the System’s objectives, employs an Executive Director, supervises the expenditure of the System’s funds, discharges all such responsibilities as provided for in the Bylaws, and exercises such other responsibilities as may be appropriate.

Anyone, other than a full-time employee of the System or any RCLS member library, is eligible for election or appointment as a voting member of the System Board of Trustees.  However, a part-time employee of one of the member libraries shall be eligible for election or appointment as a voting member of the RCLS Board of Trustees.  Potential trustees must reside in the county which such trustee will represent.

2022 Trustee Nominees

Orange County Seat Nominee: Diane Arcieri

Nominated by: Florida Public Library

Seconded by: Chester Public Library



Diane Arcieri has served one term as a Trustee on the RCLS Board representing Orange County.  She is currently VP of the Board and Chair of the Plan of Service Committee where she worked on the development and completion of the current RCLS Long Range Plan of Service.  She has served as Chairperson of the Personnel and Finance Committee and Chair of the Executive Search Committee.   Diane is currently in her fourth term as a Trustee on the Florida Public Library Board where she has served as President, VP and Secretary.  She has assisted the library in the development of its last two long-range five-year plans leading a series of community focus groups and working with staff to develop goals and objectives focused on needs identified by the community.  Diane is an active member of the Friends of the Florida Public Library.

Diane retired from a career in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development where she worked with organizations in areas of management, leadership development, team building and group facilitation.  She has a BA in Spanish from Hunter College and an MS in Human Resources Education from Fordham University.  Her academic career included teaching management and employee development programs at Fordham, The University of Bridgeport, The New School and New York and New Jersey County Colleges.

Diane is seeking a second five-year term as an RCLS Trustee.  She hopes to continue to support the RCLS mission, advocate for the growth and development of libraries and to support their role as active partners in lifelong learning, and community building.




         Orange County Seat          Nominee: Billie Gallo

         Nominated by: Albert Wisner Public Library

         Seconded by: Florida Public Library

Billie Gallo, Warwick, NY, is seeking her first term with the RCLS Board of Trustees. Earlier this year, Billie was appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy which ends on December 31. If elected, she will serve as one of four representatives of Orange County Member Libraries that make up the Board. 

Since her appointment to the Board, Billie has served as a member of the Annual Meeting and Awards Committee, the Board Development/Nominating Committee, the Bylaws/Policy Review Committee, and the Plan of Service Review Committee. 

Today Billie is a New York State certified librarian with experience in academic, public and school library settings. She began as a page and transitioned to a clerk before spending a decade working in progressive corporate communications roles. She returned to school in 2018 to earn a Master of Library Science degree and today she works as a high school librarian in Orange County.

In addition to working in libraries, Billie also frequents them as both a patron and parent. She lives in Warwick with her husband, Jesse, and daughters Adeline and Ella – all of whom can often be found participating in their local library’s programs and events.  

Orange County Seat

Nominee: Marilyn McIntosh

Nominated by: Monroe Free Library

Seconded by: Pine Bush Area Public Library District



I was born and raised in the State of Massachusetts, and after high school, decided to attend Lowell State College in Lowell Mass. studying to be a K-12 teacher. For my senior year I moved to New Jersey and transferred to William Paterson College where I graduated Magna Cum Laude. As teaching jobs were scarce, I began working for Bennett Brothers in Mahwah, New Jersey as the head of Accounts Receiving. While working there, my husband and I started a family and I spent the next ten years raising two children.

In 1982 when my son started kindergarten, I began working part-time as a dance instructor, a job I held for nine years. I also cobbled together a job working at a bookstore and a part-time job at the Monroe Free Library. Little did I know that this part-time job would turn into a full-time job and the start of a life-long career.

In 1990 I returned to school to earn my Master’s Degree in Information Science and Policy, graduating in 1994, and was fortunate enough to be offered the job of Director at Monroe Free. Additionally, in 2011 I returned to school once more and received my Certificate of Public Library Administration.

Some highlights of my career must include working with the Village of Kiryas Joel and the State of New York to find a solution for both the Village and the Library to co-exist. I was the first Director in the State to use Chapter 414, which took my budget from $250,000 to 1.4 million by the time of my retirement. On two occasions I accompanied Robert Hubsher to Albany giving testimony on the value of Libraries and consistently attended Advocacy Day. I chaired the Anser committee during a migration and chaired the Direct Access committee as well as the Directors’ Association. During the initial stages of Covid, I worked with an RCLS committee to develop procedures and documentation as guidelines for working forward through a unique situation.

Personally, I love to hike, bike, scrapbook and read. I am also involved in my church and scouting. Now that I am retired, I have some additional time to enjoy new adventures such as; joining the gym and a local book club. I look forward to a future filled with worthwhile endeavors where I can use my experience adding value to organizations I join.