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Visiting Tappan, New York: Celebrate Rockland Talent

Area historical attractions.

Celebrate Rockland Talent

By the 1920s, Rockland County became home to many artists, writers and stage celebrities. Henry Varnum Poor, the painter and muralist; Maxwell Anderson, the playwright; and Kurt Weil, the composer, all lived on South Mountain Road in New City. Edward Hopper, the world-renowned artist, lived in the county as did actresses Helen Hayes and Katherine Cornell and memorable actor Burgess Meredith. (Source: http://www.

The Tappan Library has highlighted works in our collection by or about writers and artists who have resided across the county.

The Arts in Rockland


UPCOMING Exhibitions in Rockland


The Arts in Rockland


Other Sites of Interest to Artists

Rockland's Featured Talent

Tappan's Famous First

Do you (or did you) use soy-based formula to ease colic or baby’s sensitive tummy? Did your pediatrician recommend the switch? According to research published at, The earliest published research on soy flour in America was done by pediatricians. Ruhrah (1909) discussed the possibilities of using soybeans, ground to a meal, as a valuable addition to the diet of infants who were sensitive to milk or sick. In 1910 Ruhrah reported that he had worked for Mr. M.F. Deming (of the Cereo Co. in Tappan, New York – now Haring Adams House) to make a whole soy flour, from dehulled soybeans, for use in infant feeding.