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Homework Help: Preschool

Early Literacy

Get Read to Read!


Read together every day, even if it's only for a few minutes!  Repeating the same story over and over is fine, and lots of children love to revisit their favorites!  Reading with your child teaches helps them develop an early love of books and learning, in addition to teaching children how a book works (words on the page mean something, English words read left to right, how to turn pages, etc.)



Talk to your child throughout the day!  The more words your child hears the better!  Point out what you're seeing, talk about what you're doing together, and ask lots of questions.  Remember if you're asking questions give your child plenty of time to respond!



Sing songs and nursery rhymes!  Rhymes help your child learn new words and to develop their listening and memory skills.  Singing can also help your child remember routines like getting ready for bed or washing their hands.



Encourage scribbles!  Keep paper and crayons somewhere for your child to practice.  Scribbling and drawing helps your child develop the fine motor skills they'll need to write letters in the future, in addition to teaching them that marks on pages have meaning.



Have fun together!  Playtime helps children learn important language and social skills!

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Online Storytime and Early Literacy

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