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VCL Children's Summer Reading Club 2018



The 2018 Valley Cottage Library Summer Reading Club will run from June 16 to August 18. This year, you may sign-up online, or in-person at the Library. See below for how to register.

The Children's Reading Club is open to children ages 2 months to entering Fifth Grade. Older Children may join our Teen Reading Club. 

We will be rewarding children for days that they do some reading. We will also keep track of the total number of books read collectively by all children in the reading club.

For younger, non-readers, you may keep track of Early Literacy Activities done each day in addition to reading. You may count any time you do some Reading, Writing, Singing, Talking, or Playing.

Participants may show us booklogs in the Children's Room any time the Library is open. Children will earn one "Book Buck" for each day of reading or day of activities. Book Bucks can be spent in our "Prize Store" for fun reading rewards! 

Have fun reading, and see you soon at the Library!


In-person Registration:

In-person registration can be done in two ways. Either:

1. Sign-up at the Library and receive a Booklog the day you register. Sign up starts June 16. 


2. Print a Booklog below, start recording days of reading and books read, and then register the first day you come to show us the Booklog. 

NOTE: If you sign up for our SRC Opening Kickoff Program, you will automatically be registered for the Summer Reading Club and can pick upi your Booklog at the Kickoff. 


ONLINE Registration:

STARTING JUNE 16, REGISTER HERE for online sign-up for the 2018 VCL Children's Summer Reading Club. We will NOT be keeping track of books online this year- you may print a Booklog from home (below) or pick-up one at the library.

Booklogs have a nifty calendar for you to keep track of days of reading! Just check off each day you read!  

Additionally, you will keep track of books read on the lined spaces of the Booklog. 

See below for example.  Scroll Down To download and print. 





  • We will count days of reading to earn prizes.
  • Check off the days that you read on the calendar.
  • Write titles you read on the lines of the Books Log page. 
  • Bring the calendar and books log to the library. We will write down how many days you have read, and how many books.  You do not have to fill in all dates before bringing it in. 
  • Earn 1 Book Buck for each day you read. Spend Book Bucks in our Library’s Prize Store! Save up Book Bucks for bigger prizes!
  • Recommended daily reading time is 20 minutes; however, do what works best for your reading level. We are encouraging good daily reading habits! You do NOT need to finish a book to write it down. Write a title only once, even if you read it for more than one day. 
  • Non-Readers only may count Early Literacy Activities instead of books. Add activities when you : Talk   Sing    Read   Write     Play
  • Write down your activities on the books log. 


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