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Christian Fiction: Home

A guide to Christian Fiction at the Valley Cottage Library.

Using This Guide

We realize that it is sometimes difficult to find Christian Fiction books in our collection.  The books are interfiled with the rest of the collection, so unless you are looking for a particular author, it is not easy to find them while browsing the shelves. Catalog searches are also tricky because Christian Fiction books are all cataloged differently.   

To make searching for Christian Fiction easier, we have created this guide which collects many of the Christian writers in our fiction collection.  We have isolated several popular Christian Fiction genres and tried to assign authors to one of these genres.  Keep in mind, assigning genres is an imprecise science. We deliberated over questions like,  "Should a book be classified as 'African American Christian Fiction' or 'Contemporary Christian Fiction?'"

Are we missing a book? Let us know! Have we classified a book under the wrong genre? Let us know! Is there a book on this list that is not Christian Fiction? Let us know!

Happy reading,

The VCL Reference Staff