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Teen Corner: Volunteering

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Book Hours

Read books for community service!  Teens Grades 6-12 can now earn community service hours by reviewing books for our Teen Reads blog.  Submit your review of any teen or adult book using the form below.  Our librarians will help you edit the review before it gets posted on the Teen Reads page.  For more information on the program, please review the Book Hours Rules below.


Teen Advisory Board

Help us make the library a better place for teens!  Join our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and have a say in the programs the library offers to teens.  TAB members also get first crack at volunteer opportunities around the library!  TAB is open to teens in Grades 7-12.


As of 2/23/22, all TAB meetings will be held in-person at the library.  Meetings are held once per month during the school year.  Teens can earn community service hours by contributing at our monthly meetings. 


To attend TAB meetings, please register on the library's Events Calendar.  Be sure to use a personal email address rather than your school email!


Upcoming TAB Meetings


  • Look out for upcoming TAB Meetings!


Volunteer Program Rules


Please read carefully before writing and submitting a recommendation form to the library. 

If you have any questions, contact us at


  1. Volunteers must currently be attending middle school or high school (or home school equivalent), possess a Moffat Library Card, and be current residents of the Washingtonville School District to be eligible for Community Service credit with the library.  If you do not have a library card, visit to sign up online.
  2. Fill out the form on this page completely and proofread carefully before submitting.  Reviews with major grammar or spelling errors, as well as forms which are not completely filled out will be returned for you to correct.
  3. Reviews should be of books written for Teens and Tweens.  If you are reviewing a book for adults, please make a note of that in your review so that we can indicate the age group on the website.
  4. Reviews should be SPOILER FREE.  Don't spoil the fun of reading the book for other people! *Note--you can still tell people what the book is about; just don't away any of the surprises!*
  5. Keep it clean!  Reviews which contain inappropriate language will be returned for you to correct.
  6. Volunteers submitting reviews which contain hate speech of any kind or that have been in any way plagiarized will be permanently disqualified from participating in the Book Hours volunteer program.
  7. Book Hours should not be viewed as an immediate way to earn Community Service.  Community Service hours will be given after your review is approved by the Library.  Please allow 7 days for a submission to be reviewed.
  8. Community Service certificates will be sent to you by request only.  If you need a form signed for school, etc. please contact Emily so we can make arrangements.  Please allow 7 days for turn around.
  9. Volunteers can submit as many recommendations as they are able so long as they maintain a good standard of thought and writing in their reviews. Each approved review will earn you one hour of community service per 100 pages in the book reviewed.  For example: 107 pages = 1 hour of community service.  558 pages = 5 hours of community service.

ready to submit your review?

**Please note that the turn around time for Book Hours will be longer than usual for the foreseeable future as we go through staffing changes.  Submitted reviews will be checked on Mondays only until further notice.  Please plan accordingly for both when submissions will be checked and the time it will take for any edits or rewrites between the library and reviewers! -Emily 3/7/22**

Fill out the Goolge Form below to get started!

Remember: Be sure your review is spoiler-free, is at least 250 words long, and follows the guidelines laid out in the Book Hours Rules.  Any questions, contact us at!