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Zadie Smith

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Topics for Discussion

Who is the true Leah Hanwell? Why do you think she decides to not tell Michel that she is pregnant? Do you think Leah is struggling with her sexuality? What do you think happens to Leah after Michel finds out she's been taking birth control pills?

Discuss the relationship between Leah and her mother. How does Leah feel about her mom? How does her mom feel about Leah? How do Leah's feelings change after her father dies?

Discuss the relationship between Leah and Natalie. Are they best friends, acquaintances or something else? Is there true competition in their relationship? How does Leah feel about Natalie? How does Natalie feel about Leah? Why don't the best friends confide in each other about their secret lives?

Discuss the relationship between Natalie and Frank. Are they in love or did they marry for other reasons?

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