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Amagansett by Mark Mills June 26, 2023

June 26, 2023

We will be meeting on June 26 at 7pm via Zoom to discuss  Amagansett by Mark Mills.  Print copies are available at New City Library Express at 198 S. Main Street.

Mark Mills

Mark Mills

Something About the Author

Born in Geneva, I grew up on a farm on the South Downs in Sussex. I was educated at Lancing College, near Brighton, where the Careers Officer suggested to me in my final year that I become an actuary. An actuary, I have since discovered, has something to do with calculating risk for insurance premiums, which I can only imagine requires a certain degree of numeracy. Given that I then went on to fail my Maths A Level (with a now-defunct ‘O’ grade), the insurance industry is surely better off without me.

After leaving Cambridge University, where I studied History and History of Art, I went to live in Italy, south of Siena. On returning to England a couple of years later, I got a job as a reader for Paramount Pictures, who had recently opened an office in London. Reading film scripts gradually gave way to writing them, and so things continued for a good decade.

My first book, The Whaleboat House (a.k.a. Amagansett), started life as a film idea, although it soon became clear that it was better suited to a novel. This marked a pleasing move into the world of written prose, of crime fiction. With five books now under my belt, and a sixth on the go, I still feel like a novice, and I can’t imagine that will ever change.

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About Investigating Mysteries

Our group had been meeting once a month since September, 2005. We meet the fourth Monday of every month. If you love mysteries, why not investigate mysteries with us? New members are always welcome!  Meetings begin at 7:00 P.M.