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Looking for something funny? Here's a guide to fiction, nonfiction, and teen books that made us laugh.

Made Us Laugh

At the Information Desk, we love to recommend books to our patrons.  We get excited about literature and get even more excited about putting literature into other people's hands.

Looking for a mystery? Here's a great one! 

Looking for an adventure story? You won't be able to put this one down!

In the mood for a romance? This one will melt your heart!

But the question, "Can you recommend something funny?" elicits a different response, usually beginning with a deep breath and a bracing of courage. The difficulty with recommending a funny book comes from the reality that "funny" is highly subjective.  The same book that makes me laugh, might make you yawn or, worse, cringe!  

So with this guide, we've tried to objectify "funny."  Acting as anthropologists more than librarians, we've listed books that actually made us laugh out loud. We have even indicated the quanity and quality of the erupting laughter.  We acknowledge the limitations of our methodology; we controlled no variables, the results are neither consistent nor repeatable, and we make no claims of causality.  What made us laugh may or may not make you laugh, but the empirical data is available for you to evaluate.  

With this guide have we turned the art of reader's advisory into a science? Let us know.

"Funny" is Subjective

Funny is subjective, as evidenced by this set of photos all identified in Clipart with the tag "funny."