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All Over Creation Discussion Guide: Home

Ruth Ozeki

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Discussion Questions

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1. What makes the 1970s such an appropriate time period for the novel's subplot? How do The Seeds of Resistance compare to the protesters of Yumi's youth?

2. The novel's title implies several meanings, including the concept of universality. What global themes are covered in "All Over Creation"? How would the characters manifest themselves in your community?

3. Discuss the numerous "varietals" of love presented in the novel. Whose relationships, whether parental, romantic, or otherwise, do you consider to be the least encumbered by exploitation?

4. For whom do you have greater empathy - Cassie or Yumi? How might Yumi's life have played out had she stayed at home, as Cassie did? In what ways have they been leading parallel lives though separated by thousands of miles?

5. How does Charmey's fate affect your understanding of her narrative role?

6. How is the theme of religion used throughout the novel? Do you approve or disapprove of Lloyd Fuller's interpretation of scripture?

7. Yumi quickly resumes her sexual relationship with older-man Elliot but hesitates to become involved with Geek. What does this indicate about her? Why does she resist being the elder? What is the source of her hunger for Elliot?

8. If you had been Yumi's parent, how might you have reacted to her teenage pregnancy? Discuss the irony of The Seeds's acceptance into Mr. Fuller's household. What do they teach the Fullers - including Yumi - about raising a family and navigating ideological impasses?

9. Farms are increasingly becoming political battlefields. Did the book change your opinion about organic farming? How has produce shopping changed since you were a child?

10. The book concludes with a reference to Frank's slogan, "Resistance is fertile." What is the relevance of this phrase to your life and the world today?

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