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OCLC and SEAL InterLibrary Loan: OCLC Returned

Use these instructions and form access SEAL ILL or to request an OCLC InterLibrary Loan through RCLS.

Instructions for filling out form:

Returned ILL Form

This form is to be completed by library staff only. If you are a patron looking to return an item, please contact your local library.

Use this form when your patron has returned the item to your library and the item is mailed back to lender or in the case of ELD books, put in delivery to RCLS.  All the fields need to be completed.

Today’s Date:

Borrowing Library: Name of your library

Title: Title of item returned

ILL No.: This is a 9-digit number found on paperwork arriving with the item or it can be found in the email notification sent to you when the item went into transit

Date Returned: Date that the item is mailed back to lender or for ELD books put in delivery to RCLS

Staff Name:  First and last name of the staff member submitting the form

Library OCLC Email: The designated OCLC ILL Email created for your library (example: vcl.oclc@rcls.org)


Contact the RCLS ILL staff with any questions or problems: 845-243-3747

Patty Velez ext. 238

Gretchen Chandra ext. 250

Thank you!

Use this form to let us know you have returned the I.L.L. item.