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Meeting Room at the Palisades Free Library: Meeting Room Policy

Check here for information on, to check the availability of, and to reserve the Palisades Free Library's Marie H. Firestone Community Room.

Meeting Room Policy



The meeting room is available without charge to civic, educational and cultural groups. Donations are accepted.

All scheduled use of the meeting room must be of a non-profit nature and open to the public.

The meeting room is available for reservation during regular library hours and must not interfere with library activities or operation. Attendance may not exceed 25 10 people.

Groups using the room may not charge a fee or take up a collection. Exceptions must be requested from the Board of Trustees, in written form.

The library name and address may not be used as the official name, address or headquarters of any organization using the meeting room. All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to meetings will clearly state the meeting is not sponsored by the Palisades Free Library.

Children must have adult supervision.

The library does not provide personnel to assist in handling exhibits or materials needed by groups using the meeting room.

The library is not responsible for the groups’ equipment, supplies, materials or other items used by the group using the meeting room.

Light refreshments, but not hot food, may be brought in and served. There are no facilities available for food preparation at the library. Permission to serve alcohol must be granted in writing by the library Board of Trustees.

Each group is responsible for cleaning up the area after their use, returning furniture to its correct position and must vacate the room 15 minutes prior to closing. Each group is responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged furniture and equipment. Groups that fail to clean up will be notified that a second offense will result in their being denied further use of the room.

All trash must be removed from the library property.

The Library reserves the right to eject, cancel or suspend the rights of use for any User or affiliates in event of the violation of any rules and regulations, or for any legal reason whatsoever.

The director is authorized to deny permission for use of the meeting room to any group that is disorderly or interferes with the operation of the library, or that violates these regulations.

The group must fill out an application form for the scheduled use of the meeting room. Reservations may not be made more than 12 weeks in advance. Unless approved by the director, use of the meeting room by an individual or organization shall not exceed two times per month.

Unscheduled use of the meeting room is on a first come, first served basis by groups of 6 or fewer. Groups larger than 6 must make a reservation. Unscheduled users do not have exclusive use of the room. Another unscheduled group of 6 or fewer may simultaneously use the room. Occupancy of the room is not to exceed capacity as defined by the Orangetown fire code. All groups and individuals must abide by library rules and regulations. Unscheduled groups and individuals must vacate the meeting room one hour prior to a scheduled use of the room.

Unscheduled use of the room may be limited to two hours if others are waiting to use the room.

Paid tutors may not reserve the meeting room. However, paid tutors and their students may use the meeting room on a first come first served basis.

The Library Trustees reserve the right to amend or revise this policy at any time.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on September 25, 2013.