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Helping you with your Digital Library: Other NEW FEATURES

NEW Features

Getting started with OverDrive Read (browser-based eBook reader)

OverDrive Read is a new in-browser eBook reader. It works just like any eBook reading app, except you don’t need to activate or install extra software.

What do I need to begin? All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile device with a modern web browser. If you’d like to learn more about compatibility, please check out the OverDrive Read website.

How does OverDrive Read work? Once you’ve borrowed a title, click the Read button next to a supported eBook on your bookshelf to open it in a new tab or window. For more on how use OverDrive Read, check out our help site for a more detailed guide.

Other Notes

  • From your Account page, you can view your Holds, Lists (Wish List, Rated titles, and Recommendations for you), and change your lending period(s) from the Settings page.
  • Click the ribbon below a title to add or remove it from your Wish List.

  • The Menu bar is available from any page—just click the icon to expand or collapse it.


  • You can drill down search results by subject, rating, language, and more.