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Magazines, Journals and Newspaper Holdings at Newburgh Free Library: Historic Newspapers

This is a list of the current magazines, journals and newspapers which we receive in paper format.

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Newburgh NY 12550


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Local History Information

Local History Room

Historic Newburgh Area Newspapers on Microfilm

The following list of historic newspapers on microfilm is arranged in Publication Start Date Order - Oldest First

Most are located in the gray cabinets on the south side of the Reference Area (2nd Floor)

These newspapers are not indexed. They are best used when you have an approximate date.

Our Local History Department does have an Obituary index from 1984 on and has long catalogued newsworthy events in the area. Local History is an excellent place to start your reseach.


As currently available, some hypertext links have been placed alongside the titles.

Newburgh Gazette - 1827-1856 (Located in Local History Room)


Newburgh Telegraph - 1831-1860 -- Link:

Newburgh Journal - 1841-1843

Highland Courier - 1843 only

Highland Newburgh Courier - 1846-1848

Newburgh Evening News - 1856 only

Newburgh Daily News - 1857 only

Daily News - 1857-1858

Newburgh Daily News - 1859-1862

Newburgh Telegraph & Weekly News - 1861-1862

Newburgh Daily Journal - 1862-1917

Newburgh Daily Telegraph - 1862-1864

Newburgh Weekly Telegraph - 1862-1866

Daily Newburgh Union - 1865-1866

Newburgh Daily City Press - 1866 only

Newburgh Telegraph - 1866-1867

Newburgh Daily Telegraph - 1869-1870

Newburgh Morning Telegraph - 1874,1876

Newburgh Weekly Telegraph - 1874-1876

Newburgh Daily News - 1885-1917

Newburgh Daily Register - 1886, 1888-1908

Newburgh Evening Press - 1889-1894

Newburgh Sunday Telegram - 1889-1905

Newburgh Daily Press - 1894-1902

Newburgh Bulletin - 1897-1898

Newburgh Telegram - 1905-1915

Newburgh Democrat & Register - 1908 only

Newburgh Evening Union - 1908-1912

Newburgh Daily News & Newburgh Daily Journal - 1917-1925

Newburgh Daily Star & Newburgh American - 1922 only

Newburgh News - 1925-1959

Sunday Newburgh Herald - 1926 only

Newburgh Beacon News - 1959-1961

Evening News - 1961-1990

Stewart Citizen - 1971-1977

Hudson Valley Morning News - 1990-1991

Hudson Valley Evening News - 1990-1991

Digital Newburgh Telegraph 1831-1835

The Newburgh Daily Telegraph from 1831-1835 has been published in a digital format through an arrangement with the Southeastern New York Library Resources  Council. You may find it and other titles at this link.

HRVH Digital Newspapers

Middletown/Orange County Historic Newspaper List - Microfilm

Newburgh Free Library retains film copies of many older (and current) newspapers of the Middletown and Orange county area in its collection. These are well used by genealogists and researchers of all types.

Orange Telegraph 1829-1831

Orange County Press 1865-1905

Middletown Daily Evening Press 1873-1876

Middletown Daily Argus 1876-1918

Middletown Daily Press 1876-1890

Middletown Daily Times 1891-1906

Orange County Times 1891-1906

Middletown Times Press 1906-1926

Orange County Times Press 1906-1925

Middletown Daily Herald 1919-1926

Middletown Times Herald 1927-1960

Orange County Courier 1940-1944

Orange County Post 1941-1943, 1972-1977

Middletown Times Herald Record 1960-1963

Times Herald Record 1963-current