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The Thursday Murder Club Discussion Guide: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Richard Osman

Pointless star Richard Osman addresses life after show

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Richard Osman is an author, producer, and television presenter. The Thursday Murder Club is a #1 million-copy international bestseller as well as New York Times bestseller. He lives in London.

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The Thursday Murder Club is being adapted into a movie by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. It’s planned as a feature movie, with tentative plans to possibly become a series of movies (since the books are planned as a series).

Discussion Questions

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1. Though the book follows the four friends—Joyce, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Ron—solving the murder, the only first-person POV is Joyce’s via her diary. Why do you think the author chose to show her perspective in such a way?

2. Joyce was a nurse, Elizabeth was in the secret service, Ibrahim was a psychiatrist, and Ron was a trade union leader. Who do you think was most helpful in solving the crime? What strengths did they each bring to the table? What were their weaknesses?

3. Do you think that PC Donna De Freitas and DCI Chris Hudson make a good team? Do you think Donna was smart to stay in touch with Joyce, even though it was unprofessional at times? Why or why not? What do you make of the relationship between the detectives and the septuagenarians?

4. Joyce says, “I am very happy to be overlooked and always have been. And I do think perhaps that will be helpful in this investigation.” Do you agree? What insights and advantages does she gain by not calling attention to herself, and staying under the radar?

5. Society often writes off the abilities of the elderly—assuming both body and mind are deteriorating. At the heart of The Thursday Murder Club is a lesson to never to underestimate this population. Who misjudges the residents of Coopers Chase the most? What are the consequences of underestimating the four friends?

6. One of the reoccurring themes is the gray area between the law and each character’s moral code. Do you think Penny’s husband, John, did the right thing? How about Penny?

7. At any point, did you have an idea of who might have committed the murder? Who did you suspect, and why? Were you correct?

8. Joyce is always baking, and the others are always eating. The next question is simple: What is the best cake?

9. If you had to solve a murder, which three people—could be friends, family, celebrities—would you choose to help you solve it?

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