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Literary Criticism: Short Story Assignments

2017 Junior Thesis

"A Pair of Silk Stockings" by Kate Chopin
SSFS v.35     RefGSS (p. 841)

"A Mystery of Heroism" by Stephen Crane
SSFS v.28

Mending Wall by Robert Frost [poem]
Poetry for Students v.5

"Soldier's Home" by Ernest Hemingway
SSFS v.26    CSFS (p,1175)

"Speaking of Courage" by Tim O'Brien

Short Stories -- See sources at right

"Adventure" by Sherwood Anderson
RefGSS  (p.30)
"Araby" by James Joyce

SSFS v.1    MS22 I -- 161 RefGSS    CSSF p.2918         CliffsNotes           Sparknotes
"The Astronomer's Wife" by Kay Boyle
SSFS v.13     M2SS I -- 191    RefGSS p.625  
"Babylon Revisited" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
SSFS v.4     M2SS I -- 225     RefGSS p.632   CSSF p.868  Sparknotes
"Behind the Blue Curtain" by Steven Millhauser
"Big Boy Leaves Home" by Richard Wright   
M2SS I -- 339     RefGSS p.646
"Blackberry Winter" by Robert Penn Warren
SSFS v.8     M2SS  I -- 401       RefGSS (p. 575)    CSSF p.2457
"The Blue Jar" by Isak Dineson            RefGSS p.652    
"Cathedral" by Raymond Carver
SSFS v.6      M2SS I -- 560      RefGSS p.660 (113)     CSSF p. 2831   Sparknotes 
"Double Face" by Amy Tan
"Flying Home" by Ralph Ellison            M2SS  III -- 1416     CSSF p.839

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor
SSFS v.2     M2SS  III -- 1589     RefGSS p.721    CSSF p.2809   Sparknotes
"The Horse Dealer's Daughter" by D.H. Lawrence
SSFS v.36       M2SS  IV -- 1831     RefGSS p.739    CSSF p.1453, 2813
"Idiots First" by Bernard Malamud
RefGSS (p.335)   M2SS IV -- 1923   CSSF p.1599
"The Island at Noon" by Julio Cortazar     

M2SS IV -- 2077      RefGSS (p. 140)  
"Janus" by Ann Beattie
SSFS v.9      M2SS IV -- 2100     RefGSS (p.57)    CSSF p.214
"The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara
SSFS v.12    M2SS V -- 2792     RefGSS (p.241)    CSSF p.
"The Liberation" by Jean Stafford
"The Management of Grief" by Bharati Mukherjee
SSFS v.7   
"The Middle Drawer" by Hortense Calisher 
CSSF p. 412
"My Kinsman, Major Molineux" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
SSFS v.11      M2SS IV -- 2332     RefGSS (p.50)    CSSF p.155
"O Yes" by Tillie Olsen      
SSFS v.32     RefGSS (p.410)     CSSF p.1845 
"The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane
SSFS v.4     M2SS V -- 3026     RefGSS p.833    CSSF p.657 Sparknotes  
"Paul's Case" by Willa Cather
SSFS v.2     M2SS VI -- 3133    RefGSS p.844    CSSF p.487, 2790   Sparknotes

"The Poet" by Hermann Hesse
M2SS VI -- 3206 CSSF p. 1190
"Revolt of 'Mother'" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
SSFS v.4   M2SS  VI-- 3404     RefGSS (p.189)    CSSF p.909
"Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving
SSFS v.16     M2SS VI -- 3420     RefGSS p.872    CSSF p.1270, 2738-40
"The Sky is Gray" by Ernest Gaines
SSFS v.5     M2SS II -- 3727      CSSF p.932  
"The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin
SSFS v.2     M2SS VII -- 3907    RefGSS (p. 126)   CSSF p.563    Sparknotes 
"Through the Tunnel" by Doris Lessing
"Traveler" by Ellen Gilchrist         M2SS VI --4224     
"A Tree A Rock A Cloud" by Carson McCullers
M2SS VII -- 4227     RefGSS  p.939    CSSF p. 1558, 2809
"Twin Beds in Rome" by John Updike
RefGSS (p. 557)
"William Wilson" by Edgar Allan Poe
M2SS VIII -- 4629     RefGSS (p. 435)      Sparknotes 
"A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty
SSFS v.2    M2SS VIII -- 4709     RefGSS p.979    CSSF p.2484
"Yellow Woman" by Leslie Marmon Silko
SSFS v.4      M2SS  VIII -- 4725       RefGSS (p. 490)    CSSF p.2139

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