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Using Overdrive for Digital Downloads of eBooks: Help

Overdrive Help

Compatible Devices and Formats

FAQ: Adobe Activation

The first time I opened Adobe Digital Editions, I was prompted to activate my computer.

1. Select 'Authorize Computer'.

2. If you have an Adobe ID:
-Enter the email address and password for your Adobe account.

3. If you do not have an Adobe ID: -Click 'Get an Adobe ID'. An Adobe web page will open.

-Follow the instructions to create an Adobe ID. You will need to enter an email address, and create a password.
-Return to the Activation screen, and enter the email address and password for your Adobe account.

4. Click 'Activate'.

Authorization allows you to download to multiple computers and transfer to an eBook reader.
Be sure to authorize every computer and eBook reader using the same Adobe ID.

FAQ: Windows Computers Security Upgrade

-First time users of Overdrive Media Console will be required to complete a one-time security upgrade for Windows Media Player.

-Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

If you tried to create the upgrade and nothing happened, these steps can resolve the issue:

-A pop-up blocker may be blocking the 'License Acquisition' box.
Temporarily disable their pop-up blocker to allow the box to display.

-Also, ensure that Windows Media Player is permitted to access the Internet
through any firewalls or Internet security software.

-If the above steps do not help, open Internet Explorer and go to
Select 'Upgrade' to run the upgrade.

Overdrive New Platform Introduction