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Using Libby by OverDrive for Digital Downloads of eBooks: Downloading eBooks

What? I can download free eBooks from the library?

Yes, you can!  The Nyack Library has a collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks available to its library patrons.  All you need is a library card, an internet connection, and a computer or smart phone.


1) Check to make sure your eBook reader is compatible.

2) Dowload the free software or app (not necessary for Kindle users).

3) Browse, Checkout and Dowload FREE eBooks!

4) Transfer your eBook to your device.

Step 1) Is my eBook Reader compatible?

If your eBook Reader appears on the following list, you're in good shape:

Overdrive Device Resource Center

Here's a printable pdf listing compatible eBook Readers and the required operating systems, as well as compaible Mobile Devices (like the iPads and Smartphones):

eBook Cheat Sheet

Step 2) Download the free app or software, if necessary

  1. If you're using a compatible mobile device, you can download the free Libby App from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Click here for the Apple App Store

Click here for the Google Play Store

       2. In order to borrow eBooks to read on your Nook Reader, you'll have to download Adobe Digital Editions first:

Adobe Digital Editions Installer
Follow the prompts to download and install.

       3. If you are using a Kindle, you can skip this step.

Step 3) Browse, Checkout, & Download

Now that you have the free software, you're ready to get books.


Go to the library's Overdrive Digital Catalog:

Login before you begin browsing to make sure that you can see all the eBooks available to you.

Click on "eBook Fiction" and "eBook Nonfiction" to browse the eBook collections by genre.
To look for a specific title, click on "Advanced Search."

If an eBook record says "Add to Download List," the eBook is available to download now. If the item says "Place a request," it is currently checked out to another patron. You can place a request so that you will be emailed when the eBook is available.

HINT! To browse only eBooks that are available now, go to "Advanced Search." Select either ePub of PDF from the format drop box and check "Only show titles with copies available."

Follow the prompts to complete checkout and download.

Step 4) Transfer Title

If you are using a Nook connect your eReader to your computer via USB.  Open Adobe Digital Editions.  Drag your eBook from the Adobe Digital Editions library to the icon of your eReader, which you should see on the left panel of Adboe Digital Editions. 

If you are using the OverDrive app on a mobile device, you will be able to read your eBook with the app.

If you are using a Kindle, you will be directed to Amazon's website.  Select the Kindle on which you would like to read the eBook.  It will appear in your library the next time it is synched via WiFi.

Basic Instructions

1.  Go to the RCLS Digital downloads site or the Overdrive mobile app (or the Libby from Overdrive App) to find your library's collection.

2. Login with your library card and pin #
You can get to your account by clicking on the Bookshelf icon 

3. Search or browse for a title, click Borrow when you are ready to read or listen to an audiobook.

4. On your bookshelf, you'll find options for enjoying each borrowed title, like Read (read an eBook in your browser using OverDrive Read), Play (stream a video in your browser), and Download or Add to App when using the Overdrive app (available for eBooks, audiobooks, music, and some videos).