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Recommended Reads - Adults: Forensics

Forensic Science

Interesed in Forensic Science, in general? Or, do you want to read more about the history of the subject. The links below will give you a good place to start learning about the topic.

Books on Forensic Sciences

Ebooks and EAudiobooks on Forensics

Online Forensic Journals

If you're interested in even more of the science, you can check out the online forensic journals available to you through the Tappan Library. By accessing the Health Reference Center Academic, you can read the latest articles in journals such as Forensic Examiner, Forensic Scientist and the Journal of Forensic Sciences, to name a few.

"The Body Farm"

This term refers to a facility where the decomposition of bodies is studied. By understanding the science behind decomposition, information can be extracted that can be used by law enforcement. There are currently five locations where this occurs in the US. The largest, and most famous, location is at the University of Tennessee.


*****The vidoes found in the links below contain images of decomposing human bodies. Please watch at your own discretion*******

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

This audio book tackles the subject of one of England's first ever detective, and the case that was his undoing. In June of 1860 three year old Saville Kent was found dead in his home. Detective Jonathan Whicher of Scotland Yard was sent out to investigate. This book chronicles his findings and the fallout of the case. Click below to download the auidobook from the Tappan Library.