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RCLS Delivery Service: Access Guidlines

Design for Access

RCLS recommends these guidelines for building design features that will facilitate easy, problem-free delivery access:

  • Ideally, delivery vehicles should be able to park in a protected area: i.e. interior loading dock, or under an overhang or canopy.
  • The parking area for the delivery vehicle should be a reserved parking area, even if only for a 2-3 hour period each day. The parking area needs to accommodate both the delivery van and room for drivers to load and unload from the rear and side of the vehicle.
  • The delivery entrance should be in close proximity to the circulation office
  • The delivery access should be isolated from public foot-traffic paths.
  • The delivery access should not traverse stairs; ramps are acceptable.
  • The delivery access should not include any sharp 90 degree turns.
  • Delivery access should not go through dooways less than 36'' wide; doors should have easy-set stops.
  • The staging area within the library for deliveries should have enough room for both incoming and outgoing boxes.