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Great Websites for Kids!: Podcasts for Kids and Families

A collection of websites vetted by our professional librarians for accurate and unbiased information.

Kid-Cast Game Shows

Great for road-trips or the dinner table! 


The Big Fib by Gen-Z Media 

Two are telling the truth, one is lying. Your challenge: Figure out who is fibbing!


Smash Boom Best by America Public Media 

This is the ultimate debate show, where listeners hear two sides of an all-important debate, such as Bigfoot vs Mermaids: Who is better?


Who Smarted? by the Atomic Entertainment Network 

Interactive games about mind-blowing topics such as "Why do babies have more bones than kids or adults?" Each episode is 12 minutes, the ideal length to hold kids' attention. 


Yak Talk Back by Reel2Media

Three short conversation starters - such as "Of you could do anything to change the world for the better, what would you do?" - are shared in a game-show style format. 


Source: Bensfield, Anne and Rogers, Pamela. "Kidcasts: Let the Game Shows Begin." School Library Journal, vol. 76, no.8, August 2021, pg 14