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RCLS Adult Programming and Outreach Council: APOC Charge

Dedicated to information provided at APOC meetings.



The purpose of the Adult Programming and Outreach Council is to provide System Services with requested feedback as well as put forth any recommendations as deemed fit by the Council. The Council will meet a minimum of six times per year with one of the meetings being held in-person as permitted. The meetings will be called forth by the Chair of the Council and meetings will be compiled and provided to the Chair of Systems Services by the Secretary. 

Positions held within the Council have a one-year term limit with a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Nominations for positions will take place at the April meeting with voting taking place at the June meeting.  To be voted into a position, a nominee must have 50% or more votes from the attendees to the June meeting.  


Duties of Officers 


Set agenda for meetings and post on at least one week in advance of meetings. 

Conduct meetings or find substitute in case of absence. 

Appoint committees as needed. 

Contact guest speakers as needed. 

Find successor for chair and secretary positions by April meeting 

Pass relevant documents on to successor. 

Attend planning meetings prior to term of office and after term ends. 

Correspondence (notes to members include “thank you’s” to guest speakers). 

Maintain APOC Libguide on the RCLS website along with RCLS Consultant. 

Encourage members to attend NYLA Advocacy Day in Albany. 


Take notes at meetings and planning meeting (prior to term of office) or find substitute in case of absence. 

Post notes to as soon after the meetings as possible and make corrections as needed. 

Post notes to the APOC Libguide on the RCLS website. 

Pass relevant documents and archives on to successor. 

Attend planning meeting prior to term of office (see #1) and after term ends. 


Role of RCLS Consultant 

Work with Chairs in preparing agenda for monthly meetings. 

Attend monthly meetings as a resource and make reports as needed. 

Coordinate planning meeting prior to the season of meetings (August). 

Assist Co-Chairs in recognition of officers completing their terms of chair and secretary. 

Alert Co-Chairs to Sunshine issues. 

Work with the outgoing and incoming officers to put together the schedule of meetings.