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NFL Virtual Programs: What are Virtual Programs?

What is a Virtual Program?

Welcome to our collection of Virtual Programs

at the Newburgh Free Library!

These are programs for all ages that have been created and/or presented by staff at the Newburgh Free Library via online platforms, and may be alternatives to originally scheduled programming or original content for you to enjoy. Our virtual programs also include those presented by outside performers and sponsored by the Newburgh Free Library.

We will be adding videos and other online content for Kids & Teens and Adults on a regular basis, so check back here often for fun, informative and creative content! Just click on the tabs above to choose your age group.

You can find links to our Virtual Programs on our e-Calendar, on the Newburgh Free Library web site and our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Social Media with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sign up for our Constant Contact e-Newsletter, available in English and Spanish, by emailing your request to We'd love to hear from you!


Where to Find Our Virtual Programs