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RCLS: Book Discussion Resources: Book Discussion Consortium

RCLS Book Discussion Consortium List

About The RCLS Book Discusson Consortium

Q: How can I find out which books are available from the RCLS Consortium?
A: The Book Discussion Consortium list is on the RCLS web page under  Services->Adult Services->Book Discussion.

Q:  How do I borrow books from the consortium?
A: You cannot place a hold on consortium books. If they are listed on the consortium list, request the books through Eileen Acosta @ 243-3747 ext. 221 or e-mail her at They can be scheduled ahead of time. Call to set a date and make sure the title will be available.

Q:  How do I know if I will get the consortium books in enough time for the book discussion?
A: Eileen will do her best to get you the books in time for your book discussion. A reminder e-mail to Eileen at at least a week ahead of time is not discouraged as books are stored elsewhere and must be shipped to RCLS first.

Q: How do I circulate the books?
A: You don’t need to check the books in when you receive them. Just check them out to the patron. Remember to “change due date” to match discussion date. Check the books back in when the patron returns the book. Please DO NOT re-new consortium books after the book discussion. Other libraries may be waiting for them, especially newer or more popular books.

Q: Can I donate books to the consortium?
A: Yes, but a minimum of 10 copies is required if a title is not already listed in the consortium.