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Bicycle Safety for Children: Home

Tips and resources on riding a bicycle safely through the community.

Bicycle Rodeo

This guide is to help parents teach their children safe bicycle practices. 


Originally this guide accompanied the Bicycle Rodeo event.



You are probably thinking cowboys and lassos, but a bicycle rodeo is an opportunity for bicyclists to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment so they are better prepared for riding their bicycle in the community. Obstacle courses and feedback are offered. The bike and helmet are the checked for correct fit. Local experts, bike shop representatives, and local Police are often on hand for a fun afternoon. There is currently no Bicycle Rodeo event scheduled at HKDPL. 

Thank you to 9W Bikes and Haverstraw Police for your participation in past events. 

From the Stacks, Check-out a Book

Photos from HKDPL 2017 Bicycle Rodeo

From AAA Riding Skills & Tips

League of American Bicyclist videos on fitting a helmet and scanning safely

Children in Traffic, how children's perceptions differ from adults

Cycling Safety Tips

♦ Make sure the bike is in proper working order and fits the rider.

♦ Wear a helmet that fits correctly.

♦ Wear brightly colored clothing during the day as well as at night.

♦ Be aware of your surroundings.

♦ Look both ways before crossing roads.

♦ Do not use a phone or listen to music while riding. 

♦ Drive your bicycle with traffic, not against it.

♦ Ride as close to the right side of the road as you safely can.

♦ Obey traffic signs and signals.

♦ Use hand signals when turning.

♦ When riding in a group, ride in a single-file line.

♦ Practice your skills in a safe area away from traffic at a class or event like a bicycle rodeo!