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Superhero Children's Books at VCL: Super Hero Easy Readers

About Easy Readers

Easy Readers are for children just learning to read. They are a very important part of a child's learning to love to read. Continue to read these books along with children, to help them understand vocabulary and story development. Don't assume that because a child can sound out (decode) a word, that he or she knows what that word means. Work with them to help them understand meaning through contextual clues and pictures.

Some publishers create a leveling system for their Easy Readers such as pre-reader, level 1, etc. Some publishers do not do this. At our library, we add a small orange dot on the spine of any books that are easiest for children who are just beginning to put letters and sentences together. When children progress past those first readers, we can suggest books, or help find the right book for a child using the five finger rule.

The Five Finger Rule:

1) Open the book to a full page of text.

2) Have the child read the page aloud.

3) Hold up one finger on your hand for every word the child does not know.

4)  One to two fingers= This book is OK for the child to read independently. 

      Three fingers= This is going to be a slightly challenging book for the child. They know most words but will need help with some harder vocabulary terms.

      Four to five Fingers= Read this book along with your child to encourage vocabulary building.

We hope you enjoy these selections!

Super Hero Easy Readers