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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: An overview of selected places associated with the late Colonial and Revolutionary War eras.



The Town of Warwick has an amazingly rich Revolutionary War heritage, in part because of its geography and geology. The old Kings Highway through town became the safest route for the rebellion past British occupied New York City.  Our natural resources, particularly iron ore, provided materials needed for the war. 

Selected Topics

The historical places and stories in this guide are chosen because of particular significance; there are many more places, names, and accounts  of Warwick in the Revolution we could not include here.  Many are discussed in the book, Pure Necessity: Revolution at Warwick by S. Gardner.

A Project to Rediscover the Forgotten Revolution

With better access to primary sources thanks to the scanning or indexing of millions of original records , the Revolution as experienced in our Town is better known now than it was in the past. Starting in 2014, the Friends of Hathorn historical society's research projects discovered many forgotten stories, and they continue with that research.