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Nanuet Blackout Poetry Challenge: Home

What is this and how do I participate?

Did you ever want to write poetry but don't know where to begin?  With Blackout Poetry, all the words are already there, you just have to BLACKOUT with a marker the words you don't want, making a poem with the words you choose to leave unmarked.  It's fun and easy and great for all ages. 

Here's what you need to participate: 

1.  Any printed material:  an old newspaper article, a page from a book that's falling apart (please make sure it's not a  LIBRARY book!), a page from a magazine, etc.  You could even print an article from the Internet if you have nothing around the house to use.

2.  A black marker or other dark color marker.  A pencil can help too.

3. Watch the video from YouTuber Ariel Bissett posted here to get an idea of how to get started.  You'll scan your page for words that look interesting, making a square around those words in pencil.  See how those words might relate in new ways to express what you're feeling.  

4.  Start blacking out with your marker all the words you don't want. 

5.  What's left behind is your own poem!

6.  Follow us on Instagram @nanuetlibrary

7.  Upload a picture of your Blackout Poem to your Instagram account and tag us #NanuetBlackout so we can see each other's creations!





Read about How Blackout Poetry can Inspire

How to Blackout Poetry Video by Ariel Bissett

And a Shorter How To Video from Austin Kleon

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