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This guide was created to help teachers bring primary source based stories of the Mid-Hudson region in the Revolutionary War into the classroom. The counties covered are: Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess.


This guide is intended to help teachers bring  primary source based stories of the Revolutionary War that arise in their own communities into the classroom, linking key curriculum topics to the local landscapes that the students travel through each day.  It was created for the Mid-Hudson Social Studies Council annual conference in 2018.  Suggestions for further resources are welcome.

Guide author: Sue Gardner    Email:

Demonstration Activity: Find the Tories "Escape Room"

The "Find the Tories" activity uses a a section of an Erskine Map showing Warwick, NY to access primary source stories keyed to the map's labelled locations.

  • Project Description: See file below.
  • The Thinglink map is at:
  • Clues are drawn from primary source documents.  
    • Map is displayed on a Smartboard (or, for low-tech, map is printed out large and plastic pockets are placed to hold the "clues".
    • Objects containing clue resolutions are placed on a table nearby.  There is a small combination lock "cash box" on the table as well.  This is the "locked room" the activity opens.
    • Students choose a target from the map and read the clue.
    • Students chooses the matching object on the table which contains a resolution to the clue and in some cases they also get one of the digits of the combination lock.
    • Once all clues are read, the combination is entered and the locked box is opened, which contains the final resolution to the activity. (You have found the Tories).