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Asian Americans: Now and Then: Asian Ancestors in the Americas

Exploring the fastest emerging but the least discussed ethnic groups in the U.S.

Historic Images

Chinese laborers' contribution to the building of Transcontinental Railroad (photo dated 1868). Photos from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.

Angel Island Experience

Exploring the Japanese-American Internment--

"Members of the Mochida family awaiting evacuation bus. Identification tags are used to aid in keeping the family unit intact during all phases of evacuation. Mochida operated a nursery and five greenhouses on a two-acre site in Eden Township. He raised snapdragons and sweet peas."

"Ancestors in the Americas" : Timeline and Stories --PBS series companion website

Producer Loni Ding makes  connections between the parallel experiences of various groups of Asian Americans, and also between the experiences of Chinese and Indian indentured workers and those of African slaves.

Asian Americans in the US: an overview of a difficult history

 Gary auto worker Jim Coleman (left) and Griffith businessman Charlie Cobb (right) strike a blow for American industry in a charity campaign sponsored by northern Indiana steelworkers Friday, Sept. 10, 1982. Union leaders in the economically hard hit steelmaking region allowed people to swing a sledgehammer at a Japanese-made auto for $1 a shot. The money went to help the families of laid-off workers. (Associated Press)

Encyclopedia Smithsonian on Asian Pacific American History and Culture

Online Exhibition

A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution

The experiences of Japanese Americans during WWII; decision-making and citizen action under the U.S. Constitution.

On Gold Mountain: A Chinese American Experience On Gold Mountain: A Chinese American Experience

Relating history from a personal dimension, this exhibition tells the story of 6 generations of a Chinese American family in Los Angeles from 1867 to the present.

Online Feature

Ancestor Worship Today Ancestor Worship Today

Chinese-American teenagers look within their communities for examples of ancestor worship.

Americans of Japanese Ancestry : A Chronicle of 130 years of Japanese American History

 Beginning with the early days of the Issei pioneers through the World War II incarceration to the present--  Japanese American National Museum Exhibition on "Common Ground".

Filipinos harvesting pineapple in Hawaii

Filipino immigrants

Filipinos cutting lettuce, Salinas, Ca (Photo by Dororhea Lange)

Genealogy Research

Ellis Island Foundation website for passenger search, family history and genealogy research,  research tips, charts, forms and more...