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The Influencing Machine Discussion Guide: Home

Brooke Gladstone

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Discussion Questions

(From University of Maryland)

  1. How do we develop intellectually or morally if we can evade encounters with the unfamiliar, the unwelcomed, and the unimagined?
  2. Are we thinking badly now, or just differently?
  3. Would you be interested and/or willing to have an implant in your brain that controlled your devices/computers/ etc.?
  4. How can we ensure that our development as moral and social animals keeps pace with our rapidly evolving communications technology?
  5. Is the media biased? If so, how? Is it possible for the media to not be biased?
  6. Are some types of bias worse than others?
  7. How does technology and social media influence your concentration?
  8. How do you handle and/or manage information overload?
  9. Does technology expand or limit our worldview?
  10. Are people drawn exclusively to news and information that speaks to their viewpoints? Why/why not?

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