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Stay Safe, Stay Informed, Stay Entertained: Stay Entertained at Home

While at staying safe at home, use this guide to stay informed, find out about Library programs, download econtent and take some time for yourself.

It's important to remember to take some time to decompress during a stressful time. Explore a museum, check out a fun You Tube channel or watch an adorable animal on a webcam. These are just some of our suggestions for having some fun while staying safe. Have a question? Contact the Library at

Spring Recipes!

From Tatayana's Everyday Food, enjoy three spring inspired recipes.

Animal Webcams

Hippo | San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants

Panda Cam! - Watch the Atlanta Zoo's Pandas

Cincinnati Zoo's Facebook Livestream - Check in every day around 3pm to see what's happening. You can also watch The Fiona Show about their very popular hippo.

San Diego Zoo - Get to know these cute animals who live in the San Diego Zoo.

Houston Zoo - The zoo has webcams where you can watch sea otters, giraffes, elephants and more

Museum Tours


The British Museum: Take an interactive tour to explore ancient artifacts from Africa, Asia, The Americas, Europe and Oceania.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Take in a 3-D experience that makes it seem as if you're walking the famous halls of the Met.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston -  Enjoy 16 virtual exhibits from the comfort of your home.

Musical Performances

NPR's Classical 50: Listen to 50 recordings that any fanatic or first time listener should hear.

The Metropolitan Opera: Nightly Opera Streams

Billboard has a list of virtual performances that change week to week. Some are free and there is a charge for others.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater has videos of dance performances at Lincoln Center for your enjoyment.





Home Cooking

Why not check out one of these digital books or magazines and whip up some culinary magic at home?