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Summer 2020: Children's Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the 2020 Children's Summer Reading Program! 

Imagine Your Story!

What is the Summer Reading Program?

Each year, we offer a fun, no-pressure program to keep kids reading and prevent “summer slide.”  Children choose their own materials and read at their own pace.  This year’s theme is Imagine Your Story.   


What ages is it for?  Does my child need to be a Tappan resident?  Do I need a library card?

The Children’s Summer Reading Program is open to all kids ages 5-12.  Children can live in any town, and you don’t need a library card to participate.  (Don’t have a card and want one?  Click here!)


What is READsquared and how does it work?

This summer, we are using an online program called READsquared to help children keep up with their reading.  Children can earn points by logging the amount of minutes read, plus completing fun activities.  1 minute of reading = 1 point.  When kids have completed 1,200 points, they will be entered into end-of-summer raffles for four different prizes, including a $100 gift card to Books & Greetings!   Sound hard?  If children read approximately 20 minutes a day for 10 weeks, they will have completed 20 hours of reading or 1,200 points. 


How do I register?

Click “Register now.”  Enter your child’s age after the prompt, “How old are you?”   Then click Continue.  Enter the rest of your child’s information and click Continue.  You’re all set up!  Your child can start completing activity missions, logging the amount of minutes read, write book reviews, and create a fun avatar.  Need help?  Click Info/Help or contact Miss Lara the library.


Can I sign up more than one child? 

Yes, each child should have their own account to keep track of their reading. 


What should my child read?

Whatever they want!  Chapter books, picture books, nonfiction, graphic novels, e-books, audio books, magazines, as well as books read with an adult’s help.  All reading counts, although we encourage kids to read materials at their level.  If you need help finding books appropriate for your child’s reading level, contact Miss Lara in the Children’s Room.


What if my child struggles with reading?

Kids can also earn points by completing fun missions like building a LEGO castle, designing a new cover for their favorite book, or attending a virtual library program.  Plus, they have the entire summer to try to reach their goal.  It is up to your child if he or she wants to reach 1,200 points by reading and completing the missions, or just by reading, but we encourage kids to try out all parts of the program. 


Can my child join the program after it starts?

Of course!  And if you remember any reading your child did since the start date, you’re welcome to go back and count that. 


Can I count reading that my child did before the start date?

We ask that you only count reading your child has done within the official dates of the program, June 18-August 28.


How many times can my child go through the program?

Your child can only complete the program once, but don’t let that stop him or her from reading as much as possible this summer!


I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

From the Login page, click “Did you forget your password?  Get it by email.”  A link to reset it will be emailed to you.


I forgot my username.  How can I retrieve it?

Contact Miss Lara at the library for help.


Is there an app?

Yes!  You can easily log your activity on the free READsquared app, available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.  Log in using the same username and password you created for this site.


I received an email that my child earned a Certificate of Achievement.  Can the library print it for me?

We encourage you to print your certificate at home or save an electronic version.


How will I know if my child won a raffle prize, and how will I pick it up?

Raffles will be drawn at the end of the summer.  Winners will be contacted, and prizes will be available though parking lot or window pick-up. 


Can I sign my child up for summer reading programs at other libraries? 

We encourage children to take advantage of as many reading opportunities as possible this summer, but you will need to check the registration rules for other libraries.


Is the library open?  How can I borrow books?

The library has started a "grab and go" phase of reopening.  Time in the building will be limited to 15 minutes.  Materials are also available through parking lot and window pick-up.  Please call at least a half hour ahead so we can have your items ready.  You can also download or stream books and audio books via Overdrive and Hoopla.  Click the links for more information. 


Will there still be programs this summer?

Yes, the library will be offering virtual programs for children of all ages.  Most programs require registration in order to receive a Zoom link.  Check out our calendar here.   


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