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Online Resources for Children and Teens During Social Distancing: Music & Development

Music & Development

Singing and moving together stimulates the brain and helps it function!   Every time you and your child sing and dance together, you are helping the brain form connections.  When babies are introduced to language in the context of movement (up/down, fast/slow, etc.), they are more likely to understand and retain the vocabulary.  Download the song sheets for musical fun and try some of the ideas below!

Fun with Scarves!

For scarf songs, you can use a handkerchief, bandanna, lightweight towel—even a sock! 

Scarves give babies a chance to use both fine and gross motor skills.  Grasping the scarf helps tiny fingers gain strength and control, and moving it in the air strengthens large muscles like arms and shoulders.  Help your child scrunch scarves up into a small ball to make them pop!

Fun with Parachutes!

A simple sheet makes a fun parachute! 

  • Lift up high and let your child run under and try to touch it as it falls.
  • Lift up high and let your child run from one side to the other before it comes down.
  • Let your child lie on his or her back and lift the sheep up and down above them.  Many children find this very calming.
  • Place soft, lightweight objects like small stuffed animals in the middle of the sheet and “pop” them.

More Fun!

Try using hand or finger puppets for songs like Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Farmer in the Dell, or Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. 

Blow bubbles!  Blowing bubbles requires complex mouth movements and breath control, which are helpful in learning to talk.