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Online Resources for Children and Teens During Social Distancing: S.T.E.A.M. Projects

Kids loved doing these activities at the library.  Try them at home with materials you can find around the house.

Balloon Painting

Painting with balloons is a great way to build fine motor skills.  Blow up balloons slightly smaller than your child's hands and let them squish, squeeze, roll, and dab in paint.

String Painting

Fill small bowls or cups with paint.  Place one piece of string in each bowl.  Let kids drag string across paper for Jackson Pollack-esque works of art.


Invisible Ink

Squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl, add a few drops of water, and mix.  Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and use it to write a message on white paper.  Wait for the juice to dry so it becomes completely invisible.  To read, hold paper over a 100-watt light bulb.

Tape Resist Painting

Use masking tape or painter's tape to make designs or spell their name.  Paint, and when dry, carefully remove the tape.  We used a canvas for painting to avoid ripping, but cardboard works well, too.

Fruit & Veggie Painting

Kids don't always like to eat their veggies--but they'll love painting with them.  Cut apples, lemons, pears, potatoes, and corn in half, and let kids experiment making prints on paper.

Silly Self-Portraits

Raid the junk drawer for materials in different sizes, colors, and textures to create crazy faces and silly self-portraits.  Glue on heavy paper or cardboard.  Click below for a list of items to try.



Click the link below for instructions!


Painting With Cups

Gather cups, bottle caps, yogurt containers, K-cups--anything round--and place them in paint.  Kids can use both ends to stamp circles and experiment with size, colors, and patterns.


Sponge Painting

Cut sponges into shapes and let kids experiment with print-making.  Rinse sponges and let dry to reuse.


Confetti Painting

Punch "confetti" from different color paper using a single-hole punch.  Let kids sprinkle on paint.  Shake off excess when dry.