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Teens & Tweens Summer Reading: Take & Make Teen Crafts

take and make crafts at home teen editionDo a DIY project at home this summer with some help from the Library!


Craft supplies available for FREE at the Library Drive-Thru while supplies last.  First come first serve.


Every other Friday through the end of August we'll have a new project to hand out at the Drive-Thru.


Share what you make!  Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @moffatlibrary


July 31 - August 13

finished drawstring bagNo-Sew Drawstring Bag



Need something to hold your dice for D&D?  A cosplay accessory?  Just want a cool bag to carry around in case you ever get a chance to surprise someone by whipping out an old-time change purse and paying for your food with gold dollar coins instead of paper money?


Then this bag is for you!


Supplies available to teens and tweens for FREE from the Library Drive-Thru until August 13.  Supplies are LIMITED.  First come, first serve.

August 14 - August 28

Galaxy Bottles



Coming up soon: Galaxy Bottles!  Make a tiny galaxy in a bottle.  Small enough to turn into a necklace or decorate your bookshelf!  Supplies and instructions available starting August 14.  First come first serve.

August 28 - September 11

Sword Bookmarks



Coming up soon: Sword Bookmarks!  Use your book as a sheathe for these tiny sword bookmarks!  Supplies and instructions available August 28th.  First come first serve.