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Personal Finance and Investing: About

Getting Started


The Elements of Investing - Charles D. Ellis

Like a power mint chock full of savings and investment strategies.

ISBN 13: 9781576603703


The Winning Investor's Guide to Making Money in Any Market - Andrew Horowitz, CFP

Navigate through the labyrinth of investment types and their returns. So many choices deconstructed into simple-to-understand text by a CNBC contributor.

ISBN: 9780312556143

Disciplined Investor Podcasts

As a certified financial planner, The Winning Investor host Andrew Horowitz has been managing money for clients since the late 1980s as president of the investment advisory firm Horowitz & Company.  He is also a frequent contributor to the AOL Finance and MSN Money websites.

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About This Guide

What does personal finance cover?

Personal finance is a broad term. The Financial Times' lexicon defines the phrase as "people's management of their own money." This includes how we budget, save, invest, and earn over time. This guide is designed to highlight library-owned books and periodicals, remote and in-library accessible databases, and well-respected industry web sites, mobile, and multimedia tools. The portal's resources cover several components of personal finance to include:

  • Investments
  • Savings
  • Credit
  • Income Tax Management
  • Earnings
  • Financial Planning

For those new to the area of investment types, please visit the "Investments" section for general background resources and related business news.

Introduction to Investment Terms

A short video produced in 2011 by a financial expert and former broker in the Hudson Valley, Hank Feinberg, will introduce users to several investment types. We welcome you to enjoy the video and, afterward, explore the site's web-based financial tools and title lists designed to help our patrons continue their quest for respected sources.

Demystify the Stock Marketing - Trading & Investing


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