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Epileptic Discussion Guide: Home

David B.

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Information about the author is available at the Lambiek Comiclopedia website.

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Discussion Questions

(From the Association of College and Research Libraries - Residency Interest Group)

  1. Why does Jean-Christophe begin to act out the way he does, treating his family so cruelly? Why does his family allow him to continue acting out like this?
  2. Why don’t Jean-Christophe and David get along? Is there anything other than Jean-Christophe’s illness that keeps them from being close?
  3. What do you think of B’s panels? How did they affect the story? How did they affect you? Are they at all similar to others you’ve seen? What do they do for the story that “only comics can do”?
  4. Why does David depict Jean-Christophe’s illness the way he does? Particularly the image of the snake, why choose a snake to represent his illness? Why does this depiction permeate more panels than just the ones we see Jean-Christophe in? How does this representation change as Jean-Christophe gets older?
  5. What might David’s fascination with war and battle and later the esoteric say about him?
  6. What might Jean-Christophe’s fascination with dictators and 70s rock/metal say about him?
  7. In what ways does this memoir compare to others we’ve read or you’ve read on your own?
  8. How did the many therapies David’s parents put the family and Jean-Christophe through affect David? How do they affect Jean-Christophe? Why do they pursue so many treatments?
  9. Why do you think Jean-Christophe seemed cured when being treated by Master N? Later on, why do you think he succumbs to the illness? Is this inevitable or is there more to it than that?
  10. Why must David keep writing stories and drawing? David does explain this, or try to. Does it help him deal? Is it his form of epilepsy?

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